Now you can register for voter ID, update details in voters’ list online

If you want to register your name in the state voters’ list or get some correction done in your voter card, you don’t have to make rounds of the election office as the updates can now easily be made online. All you have to do is to log on to elections commission website and apply for inclusion or correction of names by filling up your details in the prescribed forms on the site.Voters lists are updated before every poll, so voters can avail the facility of online updation before the next year Lok Sabha elections.

Apart from that, the Election Commission of India has initiated a web-based application that alerts the officers about new registration through SMS alerts. Earlier, the election office had to conduct door-to-door survey, which involved booth level officers visiting homes and checking the names and addresses of voters on the list. But now a new online facility will make it easier for the voters and election officers to update the list faster.

Almost 7,500 electoral officers across the country are connected through the new platform that alerts them about registration or changes via SMS alerts.

Here is the complete online process to update you name in voter list:

*Visit website and upload you documents.

*Documents needed for updation:

* One passport sized photograph
* Identity proof- this could be a birth certificate, passport, driving licence, PAN Card or high school mark sheet.
* Address proof- this could be either ration card, your passport, driving license or a utility bill (phone or electricity).
* Once you submit your application, you will receive an email containing details of updation and application id
* You can track your request through application ID application
* Your Voter ID card will released in a month